Premium Alu-Dibond prints in perfection - with a touch of exclusivity. Set accents with an Alu-Dibond picture from cam/b® and give your rooms an individual character. From classic to modern, from elegant to extraordinary - a real eye-catcher!


Be inspired by photographs that tell their own story. Discover maritime landscapes, abstract sculptures or architecture. Immerse yourself in a time long past or direct your gaze to the present and future.


You always receive our high-quality Alu-Dibond wall pictures in premium outer packaging made of black natural cardboard. In addition to the stylish design, these are also optimized for safe transport in combination with our special shipping boxes. And even when it comes to recycling, our cardboard boxes are 100% recyclable.


A picture is worth a thousand words - but more is always possible! Discover our Alu-Dibond pictures in 3D view! Or project the pictures directly into your own rooms with AR technology!*


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