Our Store

You may have already noticed, our store is a little different.

No annoying pop-up windows for newsletters or "Are you sure you want to leave us already" notices, no chat bots - and you can even turn off cookies completely and easily. Still, the store will work flawlessly as you'd expect.

Off the trend

We deliberately do without the (mostly pointless) chat bots that can be found everywhere - not because we can't, but because we don't want to. Because honestly: Who needs that?

And just because it's trendy and every second store has it on their website doesn't mean it's good!

An added value

If you want to subscribe to our newsletter (it would delight us!) you can do that at the bottom of every page. And even there, we won't bother you with any offers every week, but once a month at the most and that only if we think that it really represents an added value for you. And of course we will not pass on your data!

Easy communication

In case you have a question contact us via the contact form or by email. We will process your request as soon as possible. Or you can write to us directly via Instagram. We don't think there's any need for chat bots or AI for that.

The portfolio

If you haven't found what you're looking for, we'd be happy if you come back later - we're expanding our portfolio every week!

Legal framework

Of course, despite the deliberate omission of some technical features, we comply with all legal aspects. Cookie banner according to GDPR, imprint, privacy policy, right of withdrawal, GTC and of course the guidelines on ratings.

Time is precious

We have designed our store to be as clear and simple as possible, so that you can find the essential information quickly and don't waste time in menu structures - because time is too precious for that! This is also part of our vision.

Consciously against the trend. Consciously against the mainstream. True to our motto: