Our Vision

DEFAULT IS NOT OUR CLAIM - This motto is far more than just a slogan. It determines our daily actions. No standard, "no default" - that is our claim!

What originally started as a hobby project has, over time, turned into a passion.

It is not only the photographs themselves - from the "clean image" to the detailed picture on which the subtleties are revealed only after repeated viewing - but also the finished printed image.

From mainstream towards uniqueness

Sustainable and stylish in perfection, plus a touch of exclusivity. A product that we believe will accompany you throughout your life!

In addition to the highest quality standards in every detail, a conscientious and appreciative use of resources, as well as a loyal and cooperative partnership with customers, employees and suppliers is indispensable!

Just one example is our Premium Partners Program: fair remuneration and cooperation equal terms.

Sustainable and valuable

Appreciation is the key to sustainability in all areas - towards oneself, our fellow human beings, the environment and food, but also towards objects.


We make our small contribution to this with a product that you will enjoy for a long time and a service that (unfortunately) is no longer commonplace.

Perception and reality

If our pictures then do not simply fill a gap on the wall, but perhaps even awaken an emotion or memory in you, then we have done everything right!

Join us on our journey and become part of our vision!

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We are happy that you are here!

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