Bild: Langer Tisch cam/b mit Schwebebahn

Review: Langer Tisch 2024

Dirk Eichler

The "Langer Tisch" in Wuppertal, one of the largest public events in the Bergisches Land region, has been held every five years since 1989. The occasion was the city's 60th anniversary at the time - and this year Wuppertal is celebrating its 95th birthday. With around 250 stands and 13 stages, the Long Table 2024 was even bigger this time than five years ago.

At our booth not far from the Wuppertal Opera House, we were able to present our premium Alu-Dibond pictures to the public - and the response was phenomenal! Accompanied by techno music from the neighboring stage we presented some of our most beautiful Wuppertal pictures to interested visitors at our black pavilion.

Especially the striking, slightly dystopian-looking black and white pictures of the suspension railroad and our "Special Edition Langer Tisch" with a beautiful panoramic view of Wuppertal Elberfeld at night attracted a lot of attention.

Of course, in addition to art, physical well-being was also taken care of: a cool drink or an aromatic cappuccino, latte macchiato or coffee was available at our bar and at our bar tables in the outdoor area in wonderfully warm weather.

Our youngest visitors were delighted with our (black of course) balloons.

Our original lanyards with elegant black fasteners were also very popular.

However, the focus was of course on our Alu-Dibond pictures, which, in addition to the brilliant motifs, also offer first-class quality thanks to their UV resistance, matt and non-reflective surface and sophisticated suspension with aluminum rail and eccentric wall mount.



As a highlight, we were delighted to win Vera Burian as a guest exhibitor this time with her new  PHOTO ART COLLECTION.

The beautiful black and white pictures in a square format score points with an elegant white frame and add elegance and modernity to any home.

For the first time, we also had a team of eight at our booth and, with our partner  wuppigraphy, a professional photographer who accompanied us with dedication throughout the day.

Our sincere thanks to the entire cam/b® team - without each and every one of them, the event would not have been such a success!

And even the fact that the event was called off late at night due to a storm warning from the German weather service did not affect our consistently positive conclusion:

The many interesting and demanding conversations with our visitors and the incredible interest in our premium Alu-Dibond pictures encourage us on our way!

You can also watch our video of the "Langer Tisch" on YouTube.

Finally, however, we would like to emphasize the words of a visitor that touched us emotionally: "You don't need to convince us - the pictures speak for themselves".

We believe there is nothing more to add.

Pictures: wuppigraphy


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