Nachlese: TalMARKEN 4family Messe

Review: TalMARKEN 4family Exhibition

Dirk Eichler

The Bergisches Land region, and Wuppertal in particular, is known for its many small (and larger) local traders with a fine portfolio of products and services - including many individual and handmade products.

Picture: Dirk from cam/b

Of course we did not miss the opportunity to present our Premium Alu-Dibond pictures at the TalMARKEN 4family fair on 27.04.24 with our own stand.

In addition to our pictures, we were also able to present the new cam/b ® wall holder and our new packaging design on 25 square meters - all in black on high-quality natural cardboard.


Of course, our photographs took center stage at the trade fair: in addition to the beautiful, predominantly local, motifs, our pictures impressed the exhibition visitors above all with the high-quality finish of the Alu-Dibond direct printing.

But our special formats, such as the 120x40 cm high photograph of the Müngsten Bridge, also attracted the attention of many visitors.

Picture: Timo from cam/b


This time also for the first time pictures from the cam/b ® premium partners program. The beautiful animal photographs from Namibia by our partner NKTKphoto were one of the highlights on our stand!


The feedback was consistently positive - a successful first appearance at the TalMARKEN 4family Exhibition!

And we are happy to take this momentum with us - the next exhibition is already being planned, because after the exhibition is before the exhibition!

Pictures: Thomas Merkel

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