Did you know that all our pictures come with a certificate of authenticity? This not only ensures the authenticity of the picture but also guarantees you the flawless and high-quality workmanship. The picture only receives its certificate once the extensive quality checks have been completed, as the final step before packaging!

Thanks to the multi-layer hologram used, similar to that used on banknotes, and the unique serial number, you can be sure that you have an original cam/b ® in your possession.

This is how you check the authenticity:

  • The cam/b ® logo and the words GENUINE and ORIGINAL must be clearly recognizable
  • The background text "Default is not our claim" must be clearly recognizable
  • When tilted and rotated, the colors of the logo and text must change (rainbow effect)
  • The serial number printed at the bottom of the hologram on the image must match the serial number on the certificate.

In addition to the certificate of authenticity, the hologram is also printed on each picture. Furthermore, our holograms are designed as security labels - if they are attempted to be removed, they will destroy themselves.

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